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Consultation-Validation Workshop on ASEAN RDPE Workplan 2021-2025

On 18 March 2021, CamboDHRRA in partnership with AsiaDHRRA organized Virtual National Consultation-Validation Workshop on ASEAN RDPE Workplan 2021-2025. The consultation aims to enrich the planning process with inputs from national SOMRDPE partners, including representatives from CSOs, private sectors, and development partners. The results of the national consultations shall input into the preparation of the final draft of the RDPE Workplan 2021-2025 for presentation during the upcoming 17th SOMRDPE in March 2020. Specifically, the Workshop aims to:

  1. a) Update the SOMRDPE Partners on the Progress of the RDPE Workplan and interlinking with the development of the Masterplan on Rural Development.
  2. b) Discuss and enrich the core elements of the 5-year Workplan, and confirm national interventions or program/projects that will contribute the proposed objectives and outcome/result areas.
  3. c) Discuss strategies and mechanisms for effective and inclusive implementation of the RDPE Workplan, and resource mobilization to ensure sustainability of planned actions.

There are 32 participants of which 4 are women participated in this workshop. They came from Private Sector, Farmers Organization, and LNGOs/INGOs.

Mr. Him Noeun, CamboDHRRA Secretary General and master of ceremony, initiated the workshop by welcoming all participants and presented the objectives of the workshop and schedule to participants. See attached schedule.

Mr. Pan Sopheap, Executive Director and Chair of CamboDHRRA’s BOD, gave speech to open the meeting. He welcomed all participants to join the meeting. The input from Cambodia is critical to improve the ASEAN RDPE Work Plan 2021-2025. The discussion will focus on the draft SOMRDPE workplan and relate to Cambodia context. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot meet each other face to face at the national and international workshop/forum. So, we are, today, organizing such zoom workshop to reflect the Cambodia context and interventions for RDPE 2021-2025. He also thanked to participants for participating this workshop and gave special thanks to AsiaDHRRA for supporting CamboDHRRA to host the workshop.

Ms. Marlene Destreza Ramirez, AsiaDHRRA Secretary General, expressed thanks to the leaders of CamboDHRRA for the kind cooperation in advancing the SOMRDPE workplan preparation by accepting the task of organizing the consultation among various RDPE stakeholders in the country. She also gave thanks to SOMRDPE Cambodia, Dr. Sao Chivoan, for the guidance on how to proceed with the consultation given the pandemic constraint.  She presented the process of SOMRDPE development to participants and also explained to them about RDPE Matrix for initiating the discussion of the Cambodia context and interventions for RDPE. Meanwhile, Mr. Florante Villas, AsiaDHRRA, presented the RDPE Results Framework to participants for accelerating the discussion.

The workshop decided to form three discussion groups. They are group private sector, group of Farmer Organization, and group of NGOs. Each group analyzed the alignment and coherence between the objectives, outcomes and indicators and the proposed Regional Programs/Projects of all five strategic objectives (Economic, Human, Protective, Political, and Inclusivity). Then the participants shared feedback on the approaches to implement the workplan, including the coordination with other national agencies and sectorial bodies, partners and other stakeholders e.g. CSOs and private sector.