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Term of Reference for Digital Village Action Plan Development
1. Introduction:
CamboDHRRA is one of the national network platforms that mobilizes agriculture-related institutions and people to work together to improve agriculture production and market linkages that benefit farmers and their communities. Through its programs’ implementations, CamboDHRRA see the needs to enhance its performance through the creation of consultancy service.
CamboDHRRA consultancy service consists of experts from various background of knowledge and experiences who becomes the key human resource to support CamboDHRRA concerning certain identified and special needs related to the implementation of its programs. Moreover, the experts have enough capabilities to handle assignments as consultancy work (i.e trainings and research) to external institutions.
Through the consultancy service, CamboDHRRA has organized and facilitated several trainings and researches at national and regional levels on Agri-Business and Value Chain Development, Strengthen Youth and Women participation in responsible agricultural investment (RAI), Marketing of Organic Products, Business Planning, Constructive Engagement, and Knowledge Management and Communication.
Vision: That Cambodian farmers enjoy a high quality of life and live with dignity.
Our Mission: CamboDHRRA supports technical, agri-business, and organizational capacity development; mobilizes resources; facilitates an enabling environment for farmer organizations; strengthens the agriculture value chain, and sustainably increases farmers’ incomes.
Core value
• CamboDHRRA believes in:
• Dignified Life for All
• Cooperation and Partnership
• Inclusiveness
• Transparency and Accountability
CamboDHRRA is a member of AsiaDHRRA, which is a regional partnership of 11 social development networks and organizations in 11 Asian nations that envisage the organized rural communities that are just, free, prosperous, living in peace and working in solidarity towards self-reliance.
2. Specific objectives of the Digital Village Action Plan Development
Specific objective of this assignment is to develop action plan of digital village focusing on the needs of selected farmer organization in Cambodia.
3. Outputs/Deliverables of the Action Plan Development:
• Conduct rapid assessment of needs and opportunities for digital innovations, technologies and digital services targeting farm organizations, their members, including women and youth, and agri-food and rural economic enterprises (demand analysis).
• Map out and list most readily relevant and deployment ready digital technologies, data systems, platforms, and services to meet digital service needs identified during demand analysis for farmer organizations (supply analysis).Collect field data related to the farmer organization business models,
village and community internet connectivity, access to mobile services, awareness and capacity to use, exchange on digital data and services and identify training and upskilling needs for effective and sustainable deployment of target digital services, including identifying local champions, trainers, and required enabling services and support from private and public agents, CSO and local institutions and groups, including women and youth (enabling environment analysis). • Identify and formulate Digital village scenario including geographical location, type of implementation modality, and identification of the critical public and private players for DV pilot implementation (feasibility analysis).
• DV Business model development – Following the identification of the DV pilot and completion of the DV technical, economic and capacity needs assessment, develop and draft the appropriate DV Business model (including the geographical scope, targeted digital technologies and platforms, upskilling and training needs, service delivery platforms; cost to end-user and payment structure for services, management options for DV services; sustainability of use (long-term contracting, data sharing agreements, privacy safeguards, supporting services).
• Organize validation and dissemination workshops with stakeholders and to share the project results, the business models developed and to promote stakeholders and partners dialogues for follow up and implementation options.
• Write and submit a final written digital village action plan to CamboDHRRA.
4. Proposed Timeframe:
The Digital Village Action Plan Development is scheduled to begin in early March 2022 and finish by October 2022.
It is expected that the final Digital Village Action Plan shall be submitted to CamboDHRRA on 30 September 2022. The detailed schedule will be developed and agreed between consultant and CamboDHRRA.
Additional information, please contact info@cambodhrra.org and visit www.cambodhrra.org