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About US

Who we are:

CamboDHRRA is one of the national network platforms that mobilizes agriculture-related institutions and people to work together to improve agriculture production and market linkages that benefit farmers and their communities. CamboDHRRA initiated since 18 March 2019 by group of institutions who are working on agriculture and rural development supported. CamboDHRRA official registered at Ministry of Interior on 28 May 2020 with 21 multi-sector institutions including 4 National Farmer Organizations, 12 National/International Non-Government Organizations and 5 private companies.


That Cambodian farmers enjoy a high quality of life and live with dignity.


CamboDHRRA supports technical, agri-business, and organizational capacity development; mobilizes resources; facilitates an enabling environment for farmer organizations; strengthens the agriculture value chain, and sustainably increases farmers’ incomes.

Core values:

CamboDHRRA believes in:

  • Dignified Life for All
  • Cooperation and Partnership
  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability

Board of Directors

Secretariat staff