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Virtual meeting of CamboDHRRA’s Pool of Experts

Afternoon, August 25, 2021

CamboDHRRA organized virtual meeting of CamboDHRRA’s Pool of Experts with participations of 8 experts from agri-business, agricultural cooperative development and food processing field. The meeting covered three main points (i) conceptualization of CamboDHRRA’s Pool of Experts, (ii) Developing draft of ToR of the pool and (iii) consultancy opportunities.

The Pool of Experts is a key human resource to support CamboDHRRA with special assistance concerning certain identified and special needs related to the implementation of the its programs. In addition, the experts also deliver the consultancy works (trainings and research) for outsiders.

Since its foundation, CamboDHRRA has organized and facilitated several trainings and researches at national and regional levels focused on agri-business and value chain development, strengthening youth and women participation in responsible agricultural investment (RAI), marketing of organic products, business planning, constructive engagement, and knowledge management and communication.