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What is PoE?

CamboDHRRA is one of the national network platforms that mobilizes agriculture-related institutions and people to work together to improve agriculture production and market linkages that benefit farmers and their communities. Through its programs’ implementations, CamboDHRRA see the needs to enhance its performance through the creation of Pool of Experts for the sector.

Pool of Experts consists of experts from various background of knowledge and experiences who becomes the key human resource to support CamboDHRRA concerning certain identified and special needs related to the implementation of its programs. Moreover, the experts has enough capabilities to handle assignments as consultancy work (i.e trainings and research) to external institutions.

Through pool of experts, CamboDHRRA has organized and facilitated several trainings and researches at national and regional levels on Agri-Business and Value Chain Development, Strengthen Youth and Women participation in responsible agricultural investment (RAI), Marketing of Organic Products, Business Planning, Constructive Engagement, and Knowledge Management and Communication.

The pool of Experts of CamboDHRRA is a strong and committed team that continuously offer support to the implementation of CamboDHRRA and deliver consultancy service on agricultural sectors to partners and outsiders who wish to work and collaborate with CamboDHRRA.